Safe, Painless Breast Screening
with Claudia Barrington, RN, CCT
October 2nd
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Call today to register for a thermography breast screening test at Pura Vida Yoga. 

Thermography is a test that detects and records temperature changes on the surface of the skin using an infrared thermal camera.  The presence of a cancerous growth is associated with the excessive formation of blood vessels and inflammation in the breast tissue. These show up on the infrared image as areas with a higher skin temperatures.

It is a non-invasive, non-contact procedure which does not compress the breast and does not involve exposure to radiation. 


Dean Lerner 

Saturday Jan. 26th
9:30am- noon
Ageless Iyengar Yoga (with the chair)
2:30- 5pm
Basics of Seated Poses/ Pranayma

Sunday Jan. 27th
9:30- noon
Backbends & Twists (for healthy neck and shoulders)
2:30- 5pm 
Pranyama Savasana

Regsiter Early as space is limited! 
$265 Entire workshop if paid in full by Dec. 22n d
$295 Entire workshop if paid in full after Dec. 22nd
$75 Indiviudal Sessions

Body Rolling

Saturday Oct. 13th
with Elizabeth Demel
advanced sign up required